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Active Members of 'Occupy' Movement Implicated in Domestic Terror Plot in Cleveland


Location: Wadsworth, OH

Today, U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci released the following statement in response to the foiled attempt by members of the "Occupy" movement to blow up explosives on the Ohio 82 bridge near Cleveland.

"Like nearly all Ohioans, I was deeply disturbed by yesterday's news that members of the "Occupy' movement sought to commit mass murder and incite chaos and devastation within our community by attempting to detonate explosives on the Ohio 82 bridge. I am extremely grateful for the fine work of our law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI, whose outstanding work prevented this heinous act from occurring and who will surely help deliver justice to those involved.

"While yesterday's events demonstrate the best of what our law enforcement community does, it also shined a light on the growing threats associated with domestic terrorism and the rising concerns over the conduct of some individuals within the "Occupy' movement. While it's been several months since we've heard the daily reports of violence, vandalism and sexual abuse associated with this movement, yesterday's events thrust those concerns back into the spotlight and raise new questions about the safety and security of our communities. It is my hope that our law enforcement agencies will have the continued and unwavering support of all lawmakers as they investigate the size and scope of these threats and continue their work to keep our state and our nation safe."

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