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Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur Speaks Out Against Governor's Turnpike Privatization Plans


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur reacted to Governor Kasich's
comments in his State of the State speech about the future of the Ohio

"Governor Kasich said today that we need to 'slow down' and 'chill out' on
the issue of the Ohio Turnpike. It's Governor Kasich who needs to slow
down. He needs to slow down with his plan to privatize the Turnpike. This
is what the governor said today: "I am not telling you exactly what we're
going to do." Those were his words. It sounds to me as if he has already
limited his options: either lease the turnpike or privatize it completely.
So I ask: why have a study at all? Governor Kasich, why do you insist on
spending millions of taxpayer dollars--dollars that could be spent on
highway and bridge and commuter rail projects--if you've already decided
that you want to cash the Turnpike out? What's the point of a study if
you've already limited your options to short-term fixes? Apparently this
governor is prepared to order up as many studies as it takes and spend
however million dollars its takes, until the some private consulting firm
gives him the result that he's looking for. Just say no, Governor Kasich.
No to privatizing the Turnpike. The people don't want to privatize this
important asset. Listen to the people, not the consultants.

Lorain County Commissioner Ted Kalo also opposes privatization, "I
support Marcy Kaptur on keeping the best maintained highway in Ohio in
public hands."

The Commissioner continued, "Privatizing the Turnpike would result in a
short-term gain for long term pain for northern Ohio."

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