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Weekly Video Address: Worries of the President's Jobs Council


Location: Unknown

Hello, this is your Congressman, Michael Burgess. Whatever they may have told the President about the impact of his health care law, internal reports from these companies now reveal concerns for increased costs and increased uncertainty.

Documents produced by the members of the President's own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness now reveal what many working Americans have already been concerned about: that the President's health care law increases costs. In other words, we're going to pay more and we're going to get less.

The documents provided by Jobs Council member companies to the House Commerce Investigations Subcommittee show there will be strong incentives for companies to drop coverage -- and just pay a federal penalty for not providing their employees with insurance.

The Investigations Subcommittee found that all members of the President's Jobs Council want to maintain a loyal workforce and providing health care benefits is an important factor in maintaining that workforce.

However, President Obama's health care law raises costs for businesses and in effect, gives them incentives to drop their health care plans. If one company drops its health care coverage, competitors may be forced to drop their coverage in order to compete.

These internal reports from the President's Jobs Council members may be read online from the Committee website -- at

Thank you for taking the time to listen. Please visit my website,, for these and other subjects of interest. May God bless you and your family. And as always, may God bless Texas.

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