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Burgess Calls for Firing EPA Regional Administrator


Location: Washington, DC

Energy and Commerce Committee member, Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. has called for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to fire her political appointee, Al Armendariz, after Armendariz's recorded comments surfaced, summarizing his enforcement philosophy toward domestic oil and gas producers. Dr. Burgess released the following statement:

EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz bluntly stated his philosophy on federal enforcement of oil and gas regulation that is rooted in the crudest and most unproductive approach: To make examples out of people just as the Roman conquerors did -- and instructing his staff by example on how to carry out his philosophy of enforcement -- which is -- and I quote Armendariz -- "you crucify them."

His comment in a videotaped speech reflects his immature and threatening attitude toward those who drill for America's oil and gas independence. In North Texas, those who Al Armendariz would crucify are employers, who support good-paying jobs for thousands of families. EPA's assault on these companies shocks the conscience.

The Al Armendariz philosophy is entrenched in the Obama EPA's culture of hostility toward domestic energy production. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is quick to claim she cares about science, but is even quicker to jump the gun by using public scare tactics that have no grounding in science: From falsely accusing the Parker County business Range Resources, to releasing unsound reports on natural gas drilling in Wyoming and Pennsylvania, this EPA will push its agenda no matter what the case.

In the words coming right from the mouth of Al Armendariz, is the core EPA philosophy of an unyielding and hostile approach that he repeatedly took with the people of North Texas over the past couple of years. Government service is no place for Al Armendariz -- someone who lacks the emotional ability to deal competently and professionally on behalf of the American people.

EPA's Administrator Lisa Jackson must fire him and replace him with a public servant who has the emotional temperament to work for solutions, instead of a blinding hatred based on his own political philosophy.

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