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Pelosi Statement on Jewish American Heritage Month


Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in recognition of Jewish American Heritage Month:

"Jewish American Heritage Month affords us the opportunity to honor a community that has enriched our culture, helped shape the character of our country, and advanced the ideals at the center of our nation's success: diversity, pluralism, and equality for all.

"In the shadow of centuries of prejudice and anti-Semitism on distant shores, Jewish families discovered in the United States a different future -- the freedom to worship without persecution, the freedom to practice their faith without fear, the freedom to assemble and speak out. Though Jewish Americans faced their fair share of obstacles in our country, they persevered; they overcame obstacles and led the charge for justice; they lived the American dream of opportunity.

"Jewish Americans have made their mark across our society and economy -- in music and medicine, in science and scholarship, in innovation, business, and government, in arts, academia, and athletics. And the Jewish community continues to enhance our nation's strength by upholding core values: to pursue peace, to perfect our union, to give back to the less fortunate, to repair the world.

"In this Jewish American Heritage Month, we must keep embracing these same values and celebrating the achievements of the American Jewish community. We must pledge to build on our history of progress for every community."

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