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Lankford Affirms Armendariz Resignation


Location: Washington, DC

Representative James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement after the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 Director Al Armendariz.

"I affirm the resignation of EPA Director Al Armendariz in light of the controversial use of his position as a bully pulpit toward American oil and gas companies," said Representative Lankford. "His comments are congruent with an increasingly defamatory, EPA-wide viewpoint toward the private businesses involved in extraction of fossil fuels to provide American-made energy.

"It seems that Al Armendariz is the one regional director who was bold enough to actually say what the EPA really believes," continued Representative Lankford. "Armendariz's flippant and inflammatory remarks demonstrate an attitude of power and control from a federal agency that was formed to serve the American people, not "crucify' them. The EPA has transitioned into an agency determined to destroy energy production, not help our nation develop our abundant domestic energy resources.

"Based on the nation-wide EPA emphasis on attacking American energy exploration, it is unlikely that Armendariz is the only one in the EPA who holds his belief and practice. We must continue to monitor this type of executive agency rhetoric and action to ensure that the EPA is accomplishing its primary function of protection rather than pacification," concluded Representative Lankford.

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