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Sullivan Introduces Legislation to Reform Washington's Broken Budget Process


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John Sullivan introduced H.R. 4825, the Congressional Accountability in Budgeting and Spending Act, legislation designed to reform Washington's broken budget process. A compliment to the House passed Ryan budget, the Sullivan bill serves as a checklist for the Federal Government to get its fiscal house in order before it can even consider raising the federal debt limit again.

"The worst kept secret in Washington is that the federal budget process is broken -- without serious reform, our nation's spending and debt crisis will only get worse. Passing a budget is one of Congress' most basic responsibilities, yet the U.S. Senate hasn't bothered to fulfill their obligation in nearly three years -- the American people have a hard time understanding how this kind of fiscal irresponsibility is allowed to go on."

"If my bill becomes law, it will significantly change how Washington budgets and spends taxpayer money -- Congress will be legally prohibited from considering debt limit increases until spending has been cut and capped at levels included in the House passed Ryan budget and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution has been sent to the states for ratification. With our nation nearly $16 trillion in debt and our national unemployment rate hovering around 8 percent, the stakes don't get any higher and the American people can't wait any longer."

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