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Latta on Gas Prices: "High Gas Prices are Essentially Another Tax on Americans."

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

According to the Labor Department's Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the month of March, "the gasoline index rose 1.7 percent following its 6.0 percent February increase." This spike in gas prices has pushed food costs by 0.2 percent. In response to the latest CPI numbers, Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) released the following statement:

"Increases in gas prices place a tremendous burden on farmers, middle class families and small businesses who are operating on the margins and view abnormally high gas prices as another tax," said Rep. Latta. "In order to put downward pressure on gas prices and help provide relief at the pump, we need President Obama to bring more oil to the market by allowing access to federal leases.

"President Obama hasn't hinted that he will increase energy supplies, however, Republicans in the House of Representatives have acted and passed six bills that would increase U.S. domestic energy production and supply. Before gas prices hit $5, I encourage the President and Senate Democrats to work with us on our all of the above energy solutions."

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