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Congresswoman Buerkle Comments on Developments in Egyptian Presidential Elections


Location: Syracuse, NY

Today, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) commented on recent news that the Muslim Brotherhood would field a presidential candidate in Egypt. Representative Buerkle offered the followed statement regarding the developments in the Egyptian presidential elections.

"With the introduction of a Muslim Brotherhood candidate, the presidential elections in Egypt are becoming more complex. I am hopeful that Egypt's relationship with America is not disregarded in the process. Egypt has been a dependable ally in many respects in the Middle East, especially concerning Israel's interests.

"As the Muslim Brotherhood has gained political momentum, I continue to hold reservations regarding Egypt's future political landscape, both domestically and with respect to its foreign relations. In the past, Egypt has demonstrated a fair attitude toward Israel, a nation which represents America's interests and is not short of enemies in the region. Israel, and therefore America, cannot afford to lose any allies in the Middle East.

Congresswoman Buerkle added, "It is important that Egypt continue to move in the direction of a free and democratic society. There is reason for apprehension with the involvement of the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood. It would be tragic to see Egypt return to the authoritarianism of the ousted Mubarak regime.

"The Obama Administration has often employed a vague foreign policy. Given the large sum of aid we supply to Egypt, it is essential that the President demonstrate strong and decisive leadership to ensure American taxpayer money is not going to waste in Egypt."

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