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Buerkle Statement on North Korea Missile Launch


Location: Syracuse, NY

Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25), member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and United States Congressional Representative to the United Nations, released the following statement regarding North Korea's attempted launch of a three-stage, long-range missile.

"Last night North Korea violated UN Resolutions and an agreement with the United States by launching a long range missile. North Korea's aggressive actions underscore the fact that the nation remains a threat to the United States and our allies. North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear capabilities should be condemned.

"Our country's allies of South Korea and Japan must know that the United States stands by them in the face of this threat. President Obama and the United Nations must impose stronger consequences on those who threaten the United States, our allies, and global security with their illegal weapons programs. North Korea's actions indicate that there is a growing danger and the United States must be prepared to confront this threat.

"North Korea must be held accountable for its violation of multiple international agreements. Failure to do so would hinder attempts to keep the country's behavior under control and would risk increasing the likelihood of an attack on the United States and our allies. The Obama Administration must take action now to neutralize this threat."

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