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The federal budget is a moral document. It reflects, in dollars and cents, our national priorities.

The annual budget resolution, although not really binding, lays out the plan for spending and taxation. For the second year in a row, the majority's budget focuses solely on cutting government programs -- ultimately reducing these programs to their lowest level in half a century. It fails to raise revenue to shrink the deficit, but provides even greater tax cuts for the wealthy. It passed last week with no Democratic votes and the support of all but 10 Republicans.

At a time when the government should be supporting middle-class families, fostering job creation, and promoting education, research, and innovation that will help grow our economy over the long term, the budget resolution passed by the House fails to meet these goals and moves us in the wrong direction.

You can learn more about this budget's deep flaws in a series of brief videos that I recently shared via YouTube.

I am especially troubled by the budget's provisions to end the Medicare guarantee, to cut $800 billion out of Medicaid, to slash support for families who depend on nutrition programs and food stamps, and to cut the research that our economy needs to grow. Even as the Republican budget greatly reduces the programs Americans depend upon, it does nothing to rein in runaway spending on Pentagon projects that do little to protect our national security.

At a time when economic inequality has risen to its highest level in decades, and after more than a decade of stagnant wages for middle-class Americans, we need a budget that strengthens our middle class, not weakens it.

Help with Your Tax Questions

The Internal Revenue Service offers YouTube videos answering frequently asked questions as the April 17, 2012 tax filing deadline approaches. Videos are available in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.



Rush Holt
Member of Congress

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