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91 Freeway Corridor Project Receives Vital Loan


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Dear Neighbor,

One of my top priorities is to improve transportation in our region. People in Riverside and Orange Counties spend too much time on the road commuting to and from work. That time could be better spent home with family and friends.

For the past several months, I have been working with the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Inland Empire and Orange County Congressional Delegation, and state and local officials, to help the Riverside County Transportation Commission qualify for a federal government loan. On Tuesday, it was announced that the DOT selected the 91 Freeway Corridor Project for a multi-million dollar loan from the Transportation Infrastructure Financing and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program. The TIFIA financing will satisfy the needed financing for a $1.3 billion freeway widening on the 91 Freeway between the I-15 and the Orange County Line. It is important to note that the funding is a loan, it is used to leverage private financing, and it will be repaid in full.

As many of you know, the 91 freeway serves as the main connector between the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles and is also a major trade corridor used to transport goods into the interior of the U.S. from the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach. A study conducted by the Riverside County Transportation Commission showed that completion of the project will yield roughly an extra three days worth of time per year for commuters -- time they would have otherwise spent in their cars stuck in traffic. In addition, the 91 Freeway Corridor Project will create as many as 16,000 jobs during its expected five-year time of construction.

The TIFIA loan announcement is great news for our community and for commuters who are forced to spend hours on the road every day. Freeway improvements, combined with increased mass transit capacity, are a vital component in solving our transportation problems. I will continue to work towards improving our transportation system in a variety of ways that will get people where they need to go faster.

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