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Issue Position: Halting the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Throughout his tenure in Congress, Congressman Schiff has made nonproliferation a centerpiece of his efforts to improve our nation's security, as well as security around the world. Nuclear nonproliferation has been identified as the single most serious threat to our national security by leaders of both political parties. The threat is heightened by al Qaeda's stated desire to use a nuclear weapon against the United States and by the nuclear weapons programs of Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Schiff is the author of the Nuclear Forensics and Attribution Act, which authorized a National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center in the Department of Homeland Security. This center is strengthening our ability to identify the origin of nuclear material so that we can trace those who smuggle these materials and determine the source of a nuclear terrorist attack. With this capability, we can deter rogue nations from passing on weapons and material to terrorist groups, because they would be inextricably linked to the crime. Schiff's bill was signed by the President in February 2010, and he continues to work with this agency and the entire intelligence community to ensure that we are doing all we can to fight the most deadly threat to America and the world as we know it.

Schiff has also introduced a bill called the Ending Nuclear Trafficking Act, which would take the first steps toward making trafficking in nuclear materials a crime against humanity and would strengthen U.S. laws against nuclear trafficking. By making such trafficking unacceptable in the eyes of every country, we can fight this threat at its root, and prevent other countries from harboring terrorists and proliferators.

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