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In Recognition of Israel's Independence Day

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARDOZA. Mr. Speaker, I am delighted to rise today in order to recognize the sixty-fourth anniversary of Israel's independence. After 2,000 years the Jewish people regained their independence with the establishment of the State of Israel on April 26, 1948.

Israel was conceived during a dark time for the Jewish people and for the world, but because of their steadfast vision and perseverance they have become a beacon of prosperity and hope for the entire world to follow.

For sixty-four years the United States and Israel have been unwavering partners. We share an unbreakable bond based in mutual respect, shared values, and the ideal of equal opportunity for all. Our two nations have worked together side by side to promote respect for human rights and to ensure a more secure and stable world for all.

As President Obama has said, and as I have said so many times before, the security of Israel is of paramount importance, and our support for that security is unbreakable. We should take this occasion to reinforce this bond and renew our commitment into the future.

It is also fitting to take this occasion to focus on the future of a lasting peace. As I and my colleagues have repeatedly said, the only path to a lasting peace is through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that lead to a two-state solution. We must also acknowledge that a lasting peace cannot be achieved while a contingent within the Palestinian Government does not recognize Israel's right to exist. The State of Israel has existed for sixty-four years and will continue to endure. It is time all factions within the Palestinian Government acknowledge this so that we can move forward to achieve peace for a region that so greatly desires it.

Mr. Speaker, Israel has much to be proud of today. On this day of independence, I congratulate the people of Israel for their perseverance and for the hope of a brighter future as our two nations continue down a path of prosperity and peace for years to come.

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