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Chambliss: "Ambush" Union Elections Will Compromise Job Creation, Protect Union Leaders' Paychecks

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R- Ga., voted in favor of S. J. Res 36, a resolution of disapproval of the National Labor Relations Board's (NLRB) implementation of its so called "ambush" elections rule, which could allow union elections to take place as early as 10 days after an organizing petition is filed. Until recently, the NLRB would conduct union elections five or six weeks after a petition is filed to give employers time to inform employees of the impact of unionization. Chambliss is a co-sponsor of this resolution, which failed by a vote of 45-54.

"The Obama administration continues to reward big labor for its election year support through an activist NLRB, and does so at the expense of America's economic recovery," said Chambliss. "Businesses are already struggling to comply with burdensome government regulations, and unfair union elections will not help them expand and create more American jobs. Employers and employees should have time to learn about the issues and costs involved with unionization, not be rushed into a decision because big labor bosses are worried about declining union membership and their own paychecks."

Chambliss' vote is another example of his fight against the NRLB and the administrations overreaching policies. From back-door card-check, to threatening jobs in South Carolina, the out-of-control National Labor Relations Board is paying back union officials at the expense of worker rights and jobs.

In January, the Obama administration unconstitutionally recess appointed Richard Griffin, Sharon Block and Terence Flynn to serve on the NLRB. These appointments were made without the advice and consent of Congress, and Chambliss joined with his colleagues earlier this year in filing an amicus brief challenging these appointments.

Chambliss is also a co-sponsor of S.964, the Job Protection Act, and S.1720, the Jobs Through Growth Act, both of which would create more jobs by prohibiting the NLRB from stopping new plants, allowing coercive, snap union elections, and preserving federal protections of state right-to-work laws.

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