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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WESTMORELAND. I want to thank the chairman for yielding.

Let me say this to my colleague from Texas: that we have had a number of amendments here today that have tried to streamline this bill in order to make it even narrower and to take out any perception that it would be personal information and limit what government can do and be very explicit in the terms of what this sharing is, which is voluntary, which is narrowly drawn.

The chairman and the ranking member have done a wonderful job of working with other Members to allow these amendments to make this bill better. I am very disappointed. This amendment basically guts the bill--it expands it--when everybody who has been down here so far has been trying to narrow it. This just expands it even more. This is the type of amendment that people fear in that we would give Homeland Security the ability to intercept and keep the transmissions. That is totally out of hand.

I just hope that we will vote against this amendment and support the underlying bill.


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