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News from Washington - April 29, 2012


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

Thank you, as always for taking a look at my weekly newsletter. This week, we once again saw why so many people are dissatisfied with Washington. Democrats, led by New York Senator Chuck Schumer, put on a dog-and-pony show in the form of a congressional hearing to attack Arizona's S.B. 1070.

This commonsense legislation has garnered wide support across the country. Most Americans understand that if the federal government won't step in and enforce its own immigration laws, then the states must pick up the slack. Arizona's law isn't racist, or Orwellian, or any of the other terms of abuse thrown at it. It simply gives law enforcement the explicit authority to enforce immigration laws.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week on whether our state's immigration law should be upheld. It was encouraging to see that many of the justices seemed to back the law, based on their statements and lines of questioning. I can only hope that if the Supreme Court decides in our favor, arrogant Washington Democrats will decide to stay out of our state's business, and allow us to enforce the laws that they refuse to.


Ben Quayle

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