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Let's Help the Students

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, the House Republicans want to play politics on the issue of doubling the student loans. They say, well, the reduction in student loan interest rates was never supposed to be permanent. Guess what. The Bush tax cuts, which I voted against, for millionaires and billionaires were never supposed to be permanent either, but you're fighting to preserve them every step of the way.

We can do one simple thing here. If we raised the tax rate on income over $350,000 only from 35 to 36 percent, we could give millions of students a more affordable education with lower interest rates. Those who have already made it would share a little bit of the burden to help those who want to be the next generation of business leaders and political leaders and scientists for our country.

Come on, guys. The millionaires and billionaires, they can take care of themselves. That wasn't supposed to be permanent. Let's help the students.

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