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Governor Fallin Praises Legislature, Signs Cabinet Flexibility Bill into Law


Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Governor Fallin today signed into law HB 2834, which gives the governor flexibility to alter her cabinet at any time during her term of office. Currently, each cabinet member is locked into four year terms as required by Oklahoma statute. The bill was considered at the request of Governor Fallin, and authored by Representative Scott Martin and Senator Rick Brinkley.

"To lead effectively, an executive needs the ability to choose his or her advisors," Fallin said. "This bill will help me as well as future governors to call on individuals with appropriate expertise to serve over the course of multiple-year terms. I am thankful to the Legislature for sending it to my desk, and happy to sign it into law."

Cabinet members will still require Senate confirmation under the new law, which goes into effect on November 1, 2012.

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