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No Budget in Three Years in Democrat-Controlled Senate


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Yesterday marked the three year anniversary since the Democrat-controlled Senate last passed a budget, despite the fact that the House has done its duty and sent budgets to the Senate for consideration. This is simply inexcusable.

American families understand what needs to be done; they are making sacrifices in order to make ends meet amidst a weakened economy, yet the federal government refuses to lead by example. It is imperative that we rein in spending, eliminate duplicative and wasteful functions of government, and pass a budget in order to restore our economy and reduce our massive federal deficit. The government has accumulated $4.5 trillion in new debt since the Senate last passed a budget, and this will be an additional burden weighing down future generations and hampering our economic recovery. We must create an environment in which people may succeed, businesses may grow and people's dreams of a better tomorrow may become realities. This starts by passing a budget and getting our economy back on track.

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