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New Poll Shows Public Firmly Behind Arizona on SB 1070


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"As my legal team and I head to Washington, D.C., to defend Arizona and SB 1070 in front of our nation's highest court, I know we are not alone. The people of America stand with us.

"Despite all of the misrepresentations, misleading rhetoric and outright lies told about SB 1070, public support for this law is as strong as ever. I've felt that support in the words of encouragement
from total strangers all over this country. I've seen it in the donations from citizens of all 50 states who have dug into their own pocketbooks in order to help defray Arizona's legal costs.

"Now, that support is crystal clear in a new, national public-opinion poll in which Americans favor SB 1070 by a 65-31 margin. That support is up 15 points from when the pollster last checked in summer 2010 -- meaning that the more people learn about SB 1070, the more they like it.

"Of course, we don't legislate based solely on opinion polls. I signed SB 1070 into law because it was the right thing to do. I have a duty and obligation to defend the people of Arizona -- especially when the federal government has fallen down on the job.

"We now take that common sense message to Washington and the United States Supreme Court. It is truly humbling to know we do so with the backing of so many of our fellow Americans."

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