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Stark County Businesses Need Regulatory Relief


Location: Unknown

By Bob Gibbs

I had the privilege of touring several businesses in Stark County this month, ranging from a snack foods manufacturer to a truck sales company. It was a great honor to learn more about Stark County and the local businesses that drive its economy. It is heartening to see so many multi-generational family businesses that continue to grow and expand as they are passed on from one generation to the next.

As I meet with business owners, there is a consistent theme in all of our conversations; the bureaucrats in Washington are stifling businesses in Stark County and across the nation. Whether it is regulatory red-tape that adds to the costs of doing business or tax rates that discourage investment and reinvestment back into business, the federal government is not helping our economy get back on track; it is only hurting economic recovery. Washington needs to get out of the way of the small and medium-sized businesses that drive our economy.

Bob Gibbs visiting Shearers Foods in Massillon
It is not the government's job to create jobs. Rather, it should be focused on creating the atmosphere in which our economy can flourish. That means commonsense regulatory reform, competitive tax rates, not spending more money than the government takes in, and an energy policy that responsibly develops our natural resources here at home. I have helped in taking the steps to roll back the recent intrusion of our government. Last year with wide bipartisan support, I introduced and passed the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act, which would prevent the EPA from requiring a duplicative and burdensome permitting process for the agriculture community and local municipalities.

America has an abundance of natural resources, which must be responsibly developed and utilized. There is no reason for the United States to continue sending oil and gas money overseas to countries that wish to do us harm when we have the resources to fuel our economy literally under our feet. We must have a sound energy policy that encourages responsible exploration and growth in our domestic resources. President Obama's decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline is the wrong decision and makes us more beholden to oil-rich nations that do not like America.

The costs of Obamacare are also contributing to the economy's sluggish recovery. I hear from too many businesses that they are holding off on hiring new employees or investing in their business because of the uncertainty created by the President's health care plan. Bureaucrats in Washington should not be determining your health coverage and treatment. Additionally, with over 1,200 waivers to Obamacare granted, Obama is allowing his friends to ignore the law. That's why I voted last year to repeal Obamacare and begin a fresh approach with market-based reforms that will actually lower the costs of healthcare.

Finally, the days of massive deficits need to come to an end. Since 2009, the President has added nearly $5 trillion in new debt. That is more than the total national debt accumulated by all 41 U.S. President's combined. But Americans deserve better than debt, doubt and despair. It is time to rein in government spending, reduce our deficit and dramatically decrease the size and scope of government. That's why I voted to cut over $6 trillion in spending over the next ten years.

While President Obama supports excessive government regulations that will cost jobs and lessen American energy, I have been listening to real job-creators who tell me to keep fighting to break down government barriers to economic growth and job creation and continue instituting pro-growth initiatives. I plan to do just that so we can restore certainty and confidence once again, put Stark County back to work, and get on track for a stronger America.

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