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Issue Position: Jobs

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"Government doesn't create wealth, and it certainly can't create prosperity. It is individuals who create wealth, generating prosperity through entrepreneurial action in the private sector. This is just a simple, proven fact, but too few in Washington get it." -- Jeff Fitzgerald

Government doesn't create jobs; the private sector does.

The task of government when it comes to job creation and economic development should be to foster an environment where individuals and businesses can thrive, where ideas are connected with the capital they need to become a product, and where entrepreneurs feel confident and secure enough to take risks and create jobs.

If the American economy is going to recover, we need a tax system that places our employers on more competitive footing with foreign companies. We need to reduce regulatory burdens that tie our businesses' hands and we need to create long term certainty, insuring that the rules aren't going to change midstream. We must stop putting off the tough decisions until after the next election and passing tax policy on a year-to-year or even month-to-month basis.

We should seek to reduce the influence of government on business and vice versa. Crony capitalism corrupts both sectors, hampering private business while distracting government from its proper roles.

That's why as Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, I passed regulatory reform legislation that lowers costs and creates greater certainty for employers. I took on the trial lawyers' lobby to enact the most significant tort reform legislation in the nation in 2011, and we passed tax reform legislation that lowers the cost of doing business in Wisconsin. I will take this same philosophy and approach with me to Washington.

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