Gill Rejects Ryan Budget; Ending Medicare as We Know It


By:  David Gill
Date: March 23, 2012
Location: Bloomington, IL

13th District Congressional candidate David Gill today called on Rep. Tim Johnson to reconsider his previous support for the Ryan budget and join him in fighting Paul Ryan's attack on Medicare.

Gill said, "As a doctor, the first rule I live by is 'do no harm.' In my medical opinion, the budget proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan would bring great harm to seniors who depend on Medicare and would be a devastating blow to the financial security of millions of middle-class Americans.

"The Ryan budget is a study in misplaced priorities. It proposes dismantling Medicare as we know it while staunchly protecting tax breaks for corporations and tax cuts for millionaires. Ryan's budget scheme would replace the current Medicare system with a voucher system which would make healthcare unaffordable for many retired Americans and expose all seniors to the whims of the private insurance market. As a medical professional, I see the growing need to expand and improve the existing Medicare system, not dismantle it.

"When Congressman Ryan proposed a similar plan last spring, my opponent, Congressman Tim Johnson, enthusiastically supported it. I call on Tim Johnson to reconsider that and join with me now to fight Paul Ryan's attack on Medicare.
"Seniors have paid for their Medicare benefits. They deserve better than Paul Ryan's vouchers. I'm ready to give out-of-touch politicians like Paul Ryan a 2nd opinion and tell them to stop trying to cut Medicare," the Bloomington Emergency Room doctor said.

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