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Congresswoman Biggert: "We Spent Too Much and We Made a Mistake"


Location: Naperville, IL

Congresswoman Judy Biggert admitted that she's part of the problem in Washington when it comes to spending. According the Naperville Sun, Biggert acknowledged that over her tenure in Congress, ""we spent too much and we made a mistake." At the same event, however, Congresswoman Biggert tried to mislead Illinois seniors about the implications of the partisan Ryan budgets she twice supported, which would end the Medicare guarantee, but gives tax cuts to the richest Americans and companies that ship jobs overseas.

Congresswoman Biggert has spent more than a decade in Washington advocating for privatizing both Medicare and Social Security, even though it would put seniors' retirement at risk.

"We need to honor our commitment to our seniors, and we need to cut spending and reduce the deficit the right way," said Bill Foster. "I agree with Congresswoman Biggert that the Congressional budgets she supported were a mistake, but the partisan Ryan budgets she's twice supported that end the Medicare guarantee are an even graver mistake. Congresswoman Biggert voted along with Tea Party Republicans to put seniors' healthcare at risk, and this same budget gives tax cuts ultra-wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas."

"As a scientist and businessman, I want to work to solve our budgeting issues and curb the deficit with common-sense solutions. I believe we can cut spending by starting with the special privileges our tax code affords billionaires and corporate outsourcers. Illinois families and seniors have worked hard and are relying on a secure retirement. They deserve Medicare and Social Security to be protected and they deserve honest answers from their representative in Washington."

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