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Flashback Friday: 2006: Congresswoman Biggert Voted for Largest Cut in Student Aid in History

Press Release

Location: Naperville, IL

As Congressional Republicans continue to push an agenda that can budget for tax breaks for oil companies, but not low interest student loan rates, the Bill Foster's campaign today highlights Congresswoman Biggert's troubling 2006 vote for the largest cut in student aid in history. The Foster campaign launched Flashback Friday last week to examine the many ways Congresswoman Biggert has become part of the problem during the 13 years she's been in Washington. Flashback to 2006

Flashback 2006: Congresswoman Biggert joined Washington Republicans in voted for a $12.7 billion cut from student aid programs. The resolution would have imposed higher fees on students and increased interest rates on parents trying to send their children to college. The budget even cut the entire budget necessary to administer student aid programs.

"Providing access to quality education must be one of our top priorities," said Bill Foster. "As a product of the public education system, I was able to start my own business, which now employs more than 500 workers in the Midwest, thanks to high quality education. We need leadership in Washington that makes our students and their families a priority."

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