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Issue Position: Workers' Rights

Issue Position

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I stand with the middle class in Wisconsin and across the nation and seek their input and advice in all decisions I make and in all votes I will take.
I support raising the minimum wage. I support adjusting the minimum wage annually to the cost of living so that the minimum wage continues to rise as costs rise.
I support collective bargaining and the right of all working people to organize into a union if they choose.
I support EFCA (The Employee Free Choice Act), and other legislation to make sure employers do not unduly pressure or bully employees against forming a union.
I support funding and staffing the regulatory agencies including OSHA and the NLRB that protect workers rights, workers safety, and pensions.
I will stand with workers in my district in times of crisis and conflict to ensure that we keep good jobs and factories here in Wisconsin.

Union and non-union workers are struggling right now. Instead of being divided, we need to realize the middle class is suffering because of the conservative agenda. We must protect the rights of all workers to achieve economic success, safety, and dignity in their careers.

One of the most fundamental rights we must protect is the right of workers to organize in a union. That choice that should be available to each and every worker, which is why I support EFCA and do not support right to work legislation. Not all employees will choose to unionize, but they should be able to make that choice themselves without undue influence.

In Wisconsin, we saw the chaos and harm it causes when the rights of workers to bargain collectively are attacked. We have a minimum wage, worker's compensation, and the end of child labor thanks to organized labor. I will safeguard labor legislation which has contributed to a rising quality of life and protections for all American workers and will protect collective bargaining. I also support full funding of worker protection agencies including OSHA and the NLRB to ensure that health, safety, and employment problems are found and fixed.

I support raising the minimum wage because it is very difficult to live on the current minimum wage. I support automatic cost of living adjustments. This would help people earning minimum wage survive and avoid falling into poverty.

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