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Issue Position: Infrastructure

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I support rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, transportation systems, and water infrastructure through a public-private infrastructure bank.

I support Buy American provisions so that we build our infrastructure with many materials that are Made in America as possible. These provisions are important to ensuring that our investments in our infrastructure create the most possible American jobs.

I support greening transportation including stronger emissions standards (CAFÉ) and increased support for hybrid and electric vehicles. I support other options for commuters including bike paths, funding for high-speed rail, and light rail.

I support renewable energy and building a smart grid.

I support high-speed rail, and support linking Chicago and Milwaukee with rail to create a commerce corridor through the First Congressional District.

Our crumbling infrastructure is a serious problem for our economy and safety. It is also a great opportunity to begin rebuilding our county.

President Eisenhower made us a stronger nation by building our interstate highway system. President Roosevelt built great dams and other important projects to help revitalize the economy. I support similar measures. Infrastructure development creates jobs, and I support repairing our infrastructure and using American-made materials whenever possible.

I disagree with Paul Ryan about his refusal of federal funding for high-speed rail. This rail project would have connected Chicago and Milwaukee, creating a tourism and commerce corridor through the First Congressional District. This would have helped small businesses and created jobs. Ryan's opposition to this was a shortsighted decision, and I support this project, and others like it.

I will stand strong in Congress to make sure we make these investments that will create jobs now while building a solid platform for commerce for years to come.

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