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Issue Position: Getting Money Out and Ending Citizens United

Issue Position

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Getting Money Out and Ending Citizens United

I support a Constitutional Amendment to undo the damaging decision of Citizens United and to end unlimited special interest money in our politics.
I support any increased disclosure and transparency legislation, including McCain-Feingold, to shed light on campaign finances and political spending by individuals or groups.
I will support any and all efforts to Reform Congress, increase transparency, reinstitute strict ethical standards for public servants, and get money out of politics.

Money is not speech, and corporations are not people!

Elections are supposed to be about ideas and the public making the best possible decision. Elections are not supposed to be about bank accounts. In 2010, the Supreme Court changed the rules of elections in their Citizens United decision. In an unprecedented overreach of the Supreme Court's authority to determine elections, which is meant to lie with Congress, they removed spending limits and transparency in our elections.

The Citizens United decision created a shadow world of political money and power that has drowned out the voices of the American people. Candidates and elected officials are under extraordinary pressure to raise money, which means they have less time to focus on their jobs and many take the easy road and sell out to special interests. It is hard for Paul Ryan and other politicians to say no to the billionaires that finance their careers, even when it is the wrong choice for their constituents.

I believe we need leaders willing to stand up for what right, but even such leaders will still have to face this broken system. That is why I believe it is a top priority for all who believe in democracy, both Democrats and Republicans, to end the out of control money in our politics.

I will work to pass a Constitutional Amendment to undo the Citizens United decision. The Amendment will return transparency and strict ethics and campaign finance limits. Members of Congress will be able to stop focusing on money and will have more time and energy to serve the public.

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