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Issue Position: Term Limits, Redistricting, and Lobbying Ban Reforms

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Term Limits, Redistricting, and Lobbying Ban Reforms

Term Limits- I support limiting members of the House of Representatives and Senate to twelve years in office. That means a maximum of six two-year terms in the House and two six-year terms in Senate.
I will take a serious look at supporting any bipartisan term-limit proposal.
Redistricting- I support independent redistricting committees to end corruption in the way districts are drawn up.
I support any ban on lobbying by former Members of Congress.

Our Congress has lost the support of 91% of the public. Despite the fact that the public is sick of career politicians, they often stay in office because they manipulate the rules to ensure their reelection. We need to end career politics because even the best individuals eventually run out of energy and good ideas.

The problem of out of touch career politicians, instead of public servants, comes in large part from the unlimited money from the Citizens United decision. It is also from redistricting and being in Congress too long. I also support lobbying bans so when our leaders do not take advantage of their service after they leave office.

Term Limits- After too many years in Congress, too many elected officials lose their way. It could be the money, or perhaps after too many years, they lose their energy and ability to come up with original ideas. They have spent so many years in Washington, and have been out of their communities so long, that they no longer understand their district. It happens to some politicians in both parties, but the current system entrenches these incumbents to a point that our process is not democratic anymore.

One way to fix the corruption problem is to limit the number of years someone can serve in office. I support term limits based around twelve years in the House or Senate. It is enough time to gain experience, but not too much time in office. I would support other term limit proposals, but this is what I think is ideal. I will take a serious look at any bipartisan proposal for term limits.

Redistricting- If you take a sheet of paper and a pen, you can make some strange shapes. Elected officials have that same power when they determine the districts that they and others will represent. Getting the right lines for your district can mean an official can often avoid responsibility for their actions from their constituents. This is not the democratic process. That is why I support independent citizens redistricting committees.

Lobbying Ban- Many Members of Congress turn around right after their period of public service and profit greatly from their connections and knowledge by lobbying. I believe that when Congresspeople lobby, they are taking advantage of the trust bestowed upon them by the American people.

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