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Issue Position: Facing Our Problems and Rebuilding the Middle Class

Issue Position

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Facing Our Problems and Rebuilding the Middle Class

We all know the middle class is struggling. We have an economic recovery that mostly exists on paper. Corporate profits are soaring while middle class jobs are disappearing and pensions and benefits are getting slashed.

Instead of solutions in government, we have a Congress talking about what to cut from the middle class. Congress is advancing an extreme social agenda instead of a jobs program. The reason Congress is so far off track is because Paul Ryan has consistently fought for a program that benefits only the wealthiest Americans while putting middle class families at risk.

Paul Ryan has redesigned the budget of Congress to privatize and slash Social Security, Medicare, education, women's health, environmental protections, and economic recovery efforts. He does this all to spend our tax dollars on rebuilding nations abroad and to give tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations that line his pockets with contributions.

Paul Ryan has led the House GOP to consistently oppose President Obama and Democrats in order to undermine our economic recovery and create political division. Republicans will not even support their own ideas if President Obama supports them as well and this is why we have gridlock. Paul Ryan's participation in these political games is not only causing Congress to plummet to the lowest popularity ever, but Ryan's political games are holding our economic recovery back.

We did not get into this mess overnight. We are losing our middle class, and our political and economic system is in shambles as a result. After Citizens United, unlimited corporate money has flooded our system to drown out the voices of the middle class and this money is keeping good ideas, and people, from being heard. Paul Ryan has received more special interest money than anyone in the House of Representatives right now, and while this big money political system benefits him, it leads him to support policies that harm Wisconsin and this great nation.

This situation can be fixed if we build a climate that allows anyone that works hard to achieve success. I grew up in a difficult situation. My single mother worked hard, but that wasn't always enough. Because the American people invested in me, and allowed me to receive Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, I got an education and started two businesses. I created over 45 jobs and helped others achieve a better life. The investment Americans made in me was a good one. These programs are under attack and without these programs, every American will no longer have the chance to achieve their full potential.

If Paul Ryan had his way, I would still be in poverty. That's why I am ready to lead the fight not just against Paul Ryan, but against his philosophy which is holding the middle class back.

That's why my focus is on rebuilding the middle class, protecting students and seniors, and getting money out of politics. My passion for public service is also rooted in protecting our environment and fighting for green energy, and I believe solutions to these problems will also help us regain economic momentum.

The following sections contain an overview of my thoughts on how we can make progress and rise to these challenges. You can read more in Trade Policy and Revitalizing Manufacturing.

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