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Promoting a Healthy Economy through Spending Cuts and Tax Reform


Location: Washington, DC

With this week being tax week, House Republicans continue to focus their energy on cutting spending and reducing the deficit to promote job creation, while rejecting the Obama Administration's proposal to raise taxes as the solution to get our nation out of debt.

The Administration continues to believe that out-of-control spending is acceptable and that the responsibility for picking up the tab should be passed to the American people in the form of higher taxes, whether it be on earned or unearned income, family businesses, energy, health, or any other area that could be taxed.

The government can't keep spending money it doesn't have, which is why I continue to press for serious spending cuts along with fundamental tax reform in order to help achieve a balanced budget.

The current bureaucratic, wasteful tax system needs to be reformed. Even the IRS Commissioner admitted last year, "I find the tax code complex, so I use a preparer." The current tax system has thousands of pages dedicated to carve-outs, which favor the guy with the best lawyers.

I am a cosponsor of both a Fair Tax and a Flat Tax plan that would streamline the tax system and potentially put income tax forms on something the size of a post card. A Fair Tax would replace all federal taxes on personal and corporate income with a single national tax on retail sales, while a Flat Tax would apply the same tax rate to all income with no deductions or exemptions. Although eliminating most of the current deductions would make the tax code more efficient, I would retain at least two deductions: one for home mortgages and the other for charitable giving. The American dream is strongly rooted in home ownership and freely giving to charities, and I believe these traits of our national inspirational and charitable character should be encouraged. I have also voted for a plan that would reduce the current six tax brackets down to two.

These reforms would significantly reduce the federal bureaucracy and would permit all American citizens to contribute and pay their fair share of federal taxes. Today, approximately half of all American pay no federal income tax.

While tax reform is necessary, the real problem is spending. The goal of this Administration seems to be to increase the size of government and raise taxes, thereby creating a much larger, more powerful federal bureaucracy. My constituents support less government and more individual freedom, as I do. This approach has worked in the past and will help boost the economy, maintain America's competitiveness, and ensure economic security for future generations.

Times are hard and everyone's priority is security both at work and at home. I am making every effort to battle for job growth and spending cuts that will heal the nation's budget crisis and protect the pocketbooks of small businesses, their workers, their children, and American taxpayers.

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