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Issue Position: Education for America's Future

Issue Position

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As a former teacher and proud member of the MEA (now Education Minnesota) before his election to the Minnesota House and to Congress, Rick's spent a lifetime fighting for an educational system that provides every young person with the opportunity to learn and achieve to full potential. As a State Representative, Rick was one of the architects of the Minnesota Miracle, the most progressive tax and school finance system in the nation. As 8th District Congressman, Rick will lead the progressive drive to:

Fix a broken college loan system that saddles many graduates with crushing debt they will spend most of their working lives attempting to repay. Higher education must be a right for all -- not simply a privilege for the well off. America's future depends on it!

Boost teacher compensation to levels commensurate with the enormous contributions they make to our kids, our communities, and our nation.

Reform No Child Left Behind so teachers will be free to teach to the child, instead of to the test.

Fully fund elementary and secondary education and supply every school with all the 21st Century technology and resources necessary to provide every student with the resources they need to succeed.

Fully fund federal mandates, lifting those costs from state and local governments and taxpayers.

Assure that no child, regardless of age, race, gender, physical or mental challenge, income or sexual preference, be subjected to bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind as they pursue their right to a great education.

Expand early childhood education initiatives, so every child will be ready to succeed to full potential, in school and in life.

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