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Trent Franks Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day


Location: Washington, DC

In recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) issued the following statement:

"As the world pauses today to remember the unconscionable legacy of death left in the wake of Nazi Germany, I was particularly moved by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's exhortation that history mustn't -- and, indeed, will not -- be allowed to repeat itself.

"It is in the face of such crises that true leaders flourish and lesser men fail. In the formative years of World War II, it was Neville Chamberlain's naive belief that the crazed Hitler could be placated with a feeble, friendly diplomacy that emboldened the Nazi war machine's march across Europe -- and, conversely, it was Winston Churchill's promise to 'never surrender' and to fight in the streets, if necessary, that pulled England through its darkest hour of need and rallied the nation to help stem the tide of the German military's alarming spread, even as an invasion of England seemed increasingly likely.

"I pray that President Obama, who, in his nearly four years in office, has all but refused to confront the Iranian regime's aggression -- counting instead, like Neville Chamberlain, on the naive hope that a crazed tyrant can be appeased -- will prayerfully and prudently consider on which side he wishes history to count him, for if the Iranian regime successfully drags the world into the dark shadow of nuclear terrorism, history will remember that it was accomplished under his unwatchful eye."

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