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Pitts on GAO and Medicare Trustees Reports Out Today


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Both the Government Accountability Office and the Medicare Trustees released critical reports about the finances of the Medicare program. GAO reported this morning that a program paying bonuses to Medicare Advantage programs awards money regardless of quality. This afternoon, the Medicare Trustees issued a periodic report on the program's fiscal health showing that the trust fund will be depleted in 2024.

Rep. Pitts' statement follows:

"Two separate reports on Medicare illustrate both the dire straits the program is in and the irresponsibility of the present administration. First, this morning we heard from the Government Accountability Office that the administration is spending billions of dollars on Medicare Advantage quality bonuses with little regard to the actual quality of coverage. Then this afternoon, the Medicare Trustees reminded us that the program will be bankrupt by 2024.

"The Affordable Care Act slashes Medicare Advantage programs, but the bonus program attempts to delay the real pain until after the election. The President knows that seniors will lose the coverage they currently have because of his health care law. The GAO report clearly shows that the bonus program is more about politics than about improving the quality of care.

"The Trustees' report reminds us that the clock is ticking. We simply can't keep playing politics with a program that tens of millions of Americans rely on. Again this year, Republicans put forward a plan to strengthen and save Medicare. We're still waiting to hear from the President."

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