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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. BLACKBURN. President Obama's ObamaCare plan not only raises many constitutional questions, but it is creating an environment where younger Americans, like my little nephew, Preston James Hunter, who was born last night, will be forced to live in a world with less choice and higher health care costs.

As the cost of health care rises, we are seeing that taxpayers are on the hook for even more money. We all know that this bill pulled $500 billion out of Medicare, and now we're learning that over the next few years the States are going to have to pay another $620 billion for Medicaid expenditures. Yes, $620 billion for Medicaid expenditures. In Tennessee, my home State, TennCare estimates that the health care law will increase TennCare enrollment by 242,291 people. That is at an extra cost of $225 million a year. Those are just the estimates.

While the President and Democrats in Washington are raiding Medicare, Republicans in the House are fighting back and are working to protect Medicare for our seniors. As for the jobs-killing aspect of ObamaCare, we now find 20 new and increased taxes that are in this bill, taxes that are affecting American families and employers.

We simply cannot afford a forced health care plan that doesn't work, that raises taxes, and that many Americans believe is unconstitutional.

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