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Obamacare Fails to Build Support


Location: Washington, DC

Earlier this week a new Washington Post-ABC news poll found support for Obamacare at an all time low. When will the president realize that Americans don't believe his health care plan is constitutional and want it thrown out? This poll finds that only 39 percent of all Americans support Obamacare on the heels of the Supreme Court hearings on the issue. The more Americans learn about Obamacare, the less they want it. According to the poll:

"Only about half of Democrats want the entire law upheld. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans want all of it thrown out."
I call on the president to immediately halt the implementation of Obamacare and to return all monies being spent on its implementation to the United States Treasury until the Supreme Court issues its decision. I will also continue to lead the effort to fully repeal the law. Obamacare will do more to harm the United States than any other single piece of legislation in our nation's history. It will ruin our economy, cost over 800,000 jobs, destroy our health care system and decrease our freedom.

I will not rest until the law is a relic of the past, and this latest poll is proof that the American public agrees with me.

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