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Adams Statement on Tax Day


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Sandy Adams (FL-24) released the following statement on Tax Day.

"Tax Day is a stark reminder of our nation's complicated and broken tax code that costs our economy $160 billion a year in compliance costs alone. It is also a reminder of a system that isn't fair. It isn't fair that Americans will work 107 days on average this year just to pay their taxes so the government can continue borrowing over a $1 trillion a year. When running for office, President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, but instead, he has continued his runaway spending spree that has accumulated trillion dollar deficits. Even his most recent budget proposal doesn't attempt to balance our nation's budget, which indicates his desire to ignore our nation's massive $15.6 trillion debt and continues spending at unsustainable rates.

"Instead of providing credible solutions to our nation's spending-driven debt crisis, President Obama's budget proposal requests a massive tax-hike on hard working Americans and small businesses. Asking taxpayers to foot the bill for his spending binge over the past three years is not only unfair, but raising taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs will only lead to more uncertainty and would hinder their ability to hire and create jobs.

"In contrast, House Republicans have offered solutions to our nation's debt and broken tax code. We have put forth pro-growth reforms to ensure that the tax code is fairer, simpler, and competitive."

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