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Issue Position: Restoring the American Dream

Issue Position

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Restoring the American Dream

The American Dream consists of liberty and opportunity. Liberty means the freedom of self-government and the freedom to conduct our lives as we see fit. Opportunity is being able to pursue our goals in life without undue restrictions. It means being able to improve our station in life through our own initiative and hard work.

Sadly, the American Dream is now being undermined. The health care proposal (HR3200) now in Congress--which amounts to a government takeover of the health care industry--means that patients and their families, in consultation with their doctors, will no longer be able to make important health care decisions. Under this proposal those decisions will be made by bureaucrats in Washington. This new system requires a serious loss of freedom as well as a loss of the quality of health care we can receive

The estimated cost for this health care proposal is $1 trillion over the next ten years--$13,000 for every family of four in our nation. This will be our cost for our own loss of freedom as well as for a reduction in the quality of our health care.

Health care is really a state issue. Congressional leaders are making it a federal issue because they are hungry for power. They think they can run our lives better than we can.

The American Dream is also being compromised by Congress through excessive government spending resulting in unsustainable government debt. The $787 billion stimulus package alone--one bill--passed into law in February of 2009, added $10,000 of new government debt for every family of four in America. As Milton Friedman often said, "There is no such thing as a free lunch.' At some point this debt must be repaid.

Then there is the $1.4 trillion deficit for fiscal year 2009. That amounts to $18,500 of new debt for every family of four--in just one year! In addition, those in power in Washington are planning to add $1 trillion in debt each year for the next ten years with no end in sight. That totals $130,000 over the next ten years of new debt for every family of four--added on top of the huge debt our nation already has. This debt will bankrupt our nation! Congress has clearly lost its way.

On top of all this, the House of Representatives, in July of 2009, passed the infamous Cap and Trade bill. The Heritage Foundation estimated that this bill, when fully implemented, will cost each family of four $6,800 each year in higher energy and related costs. And how will we benefit from this new mandated expense? The results will be too small to even measure! Meanwhile, China, a country that is not this foolish, is positioning itself to overtake our nation as being the new economic super-power of the World.

It should be obvious to most anyone that the bills now being passed by Congress will do immeasurable harm to our nation and to every citizen in our nation. Because of the direction Congress has taken, we are losing the American Dream.

All of us need to do our part to turn this around. Every generation of Americans, in some way, has had to fight the fight for freedom. This is our fight. This is our time. Join with us in this all-important battle to restore what America is really all about. Join with us in restoring the American Dream.

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