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Crenshaw Fights for Fiscal Responsiblity, Fairer and Simpler Tax Code


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Chairman of the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, today (4/13) issued the following statement ahead of next week's tax-filing day in the United States:

"With tax filing day upon us, millions of Americans are turning to complicated tax returns in a process that reminds us once again that reform is long overdue on spending, budgets, and IRS tax policy.

"Individuals, families, businesses work hard to make ends meet and are sending billions of hard-earned tax dollars to Washington. While Congress has made headway in using this money more responsibly, there is more ground to cover in the ongoing fight to balance the federal budget, eliminate costly red tape, and pass common sense tax policy like the FairTax.

"In the end, citizens in Florida and across the country know best how to spend their money and deserve to keep more of it in their wallets and bank accounts. They don't need to send more to the IRS to fund big-government Washington programs that will rob future generations of economic peace of mind as they pay the bill for irresponsible policy choices.

"That's why I voted against the Administration's health care legislation and instead supported the Republican alternative to provide more access to health care by lowering costs, ending junk lawsuits, and preserving the doctor patient relationship -- all without raising taxes. It's also why I so strongly back a Balanced Budget Amendment.

"We've also reversed Washington's ways of doing business for the better by attacking out-of-control federal spending. Witness the following results: Congress cut total domestic discretionary spending for two years in a row for the first time since World War II, reducing spending $95 billion from fiscal year 2010 to fiscal year 2012. Further cuts in the fiscal year 2013 budget plan ($19 billion over fiscal year 2012) have also earned my support moving forward.

"Higher taxes mean fewer jobs and less economic growth. And, a tax code that forces Americans to spend billions of hours each year to understand and fill out IRS returns leaves little room for either.

"The solution in my book is for Congress to enact the FairTax -- a national sales tax on all new products sold in the United States. The 131-page measure replaces the IRS and 70,000 pages of outdated code and is long overdue. I'm a co-sponsor and will continue to urge my colleagues to join me in this fight.

"It's time for Washington to listen to the American people who understand the value of balancing their own budgets and put these concepts to work every day. They can be assured that as they work hard to pay the bills, stay on top of the mortgage, and ahead of their own budgets, I will support plans to reduce their taxes and reject those that won't."

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