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Price Statement on Tax Day


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement on Tax Day.

"As families and businesses all across the country file their taxes, the need for positive, comprehensive tax reform remains significant," said Chairman Price. "House Republicans have begun this process -- looking at lowering rates, broadening the base, and eliminating special interest loopholes in order to make America and American entrepreneurs more competitive. Any serious proposal for tax reform must simplify the system. Nevertheless, President Obama has offered little more than a political gimmick -- known as the Buffett Rule -- that will only add another layer to an already burdensome tax code. This gimmick would do nothing to address the underlying challenges fueling our debt nor would it help businesses grow and create jobs. There's no credible economic or fiscal rationale for the president's proposal. There is only a political rationale.

"As the president continues to strive for political victories with a policy that does not serve to improve the tax code or the economy, House Republicans will continue to work toward positive, comprehensive tax reform like the pro-growth policies outlined in our budget proposal. The president's policies rely on Washington taking more money out of hard-working taxpayers' pockets in order to pay for ever-increasing federal spending. Our tax code ought to be simpler, flatter, and encourage success."

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