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Congressman Boehner Touts Keystone Vote in Ohio Welcome Message for President Obama


Location: Washington, DC

President Obama is heading to Ohio this morning for the first time since March 22, the day of his infamous visit to Cushing, Oklahoma, where he tried to take credit for the job-creating Keystone XL pipeline, a project he has lobbied members of Congress to block and is now threatening a veto over. Later that same day in Columbus, Ohio, the president "defended his record" on Keystone. Widely panned, the Cushing-and-Columbus tour prompted Congressman Boehner to coin the "Obama Energy Gap," which illustrates the job-crushing consequences of the discrepancy between the president's rhetoric and his actions.

Now, in a new video, Congressman Boehner welcomes President Obama back to the Buckeye State by touting the upcoming House vote to approve the Keystone pipeline. The vote, Boehner notes, is part of Republicans' American Energy Initiative, "a plan focused on removing barriers to energy production and stopping policies that drive up gas prices." This will mark at least the fourth time the Republican-led House has voted to accelerate approval of this job-creating project.

BOEHNER: "The president heads to Cleveland today. Like many Ohioans, I'm hoping he'll talk about gas prices, which have more than doubled on his watch.

"Last year, Republicans launched the American Energy Initiative, a plan focused on removing barriers to energy production and stopping policies that drive up gas prices. In the coming weeks, the House will take up additional measures to expand production. Today in fact, we'll vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline that's been blocked by the White House for three months now.

"Unfortunately, the Democratic-controlled Senate has time and again blocked House-passed jobs bills. And the president isn't urging them to act. Instead, he's pushed for tax hikes that, according to the nonpartisan experts, would actually raise the price of energy. Gas prices are already too high after three years of this administration blocking energy production. We don't need Washington to make prices even worse.

"We can do better. Learn more at"

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