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House Shrugs Off White House Veto Threat, Votes to Require Approval of Keystone XL Energy Pipeline


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement today after the House passed legislation requiring approval of the Keystone XL energy pipeline:

"The House is on record again in support of the Keystone XL energy pipeline -- a project President Obama blocked, personally lobbied against, then tried to take credit for, and now says he'll veto. There's no telling where the president stands from one day to the next on Keystone, but he knows the pipeline has broad and bipartisan support in Congress and among the American people. He knows it will create tens of thousands of new American jobs. And he knows that if he continues to stand in the way, the Canadian government will bypass the United States and ship their energy -- and the jobs that come with it -- to countries like China.

"Keystone is a critical part of our "all of the above' energy strategy. The higher energy prices go, the more we all pay for everything from gasoline to groceries, and it's taking a real toll on families and small businesses. That's why I hope President Obama and Senate Democrats will get moving, and join the American people and Republicans in supporting this common-sense bill."

NOTE: For a list of "all of the above" energy bills passed by the House, visit, and learn more about the American Energy Initiative by "liking" it on Facebook.

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