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Senator Paul Statement on the Buffett Tax Hike


Location: Washington, DC

Sen. Rand Paul released the following statement today after the Senate voted 51-45 on a motion to proceed to S.2230, the Paying A Fair Share Act or the 'Buffett Tax':

"This week, Americans final tax bill for 2011 will be due. We will also celebrate 'Tax Freedom Day,' where Americans finally stop working to send money to Washington and start keeping some for themselves. That's why it's appalling that Senate Democrats chose today to show how out of touch with America they are by demanding a vote to increase taxes on our nation's job creators," Sen. Paul said.

"Surely our nation's tax system is broken and in dire need of reform. Yet, the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats' idea of reform is a Buffett Tax hike that has nothing to do with balancing our budget, lowering unemployment or simplifying the tax code - but everything to do with funding more reckless spending in Washington.

"If we are going to solve our nation's debt crisis, restore the struggling economy, and put people back to work we need the kind of reform in this country that simplifies the tax code and reduces the burden for everyone, instead of going in the opposite direction as the Obama Administration has shown in promoting this convoluted legislation."

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