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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I thank the gentleman from New Jersey for bringing this amendment forward, this budget that implements what we would consider a balanced approach, and that's what we call cut, cap, and balance.

That's what's so important about this amendment, this budget that we bring forward with the RSC, is that, number one, the most important thing is we finally control the wasteful Washington spending that has added mountains and mountains of debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren, which is just immoral. It's wrong and surely not fair to send the bill for all this spending to our children and grandchildren and continue it on autopilot, as President Obama's budget did--President Obama's budget, by the way, which got no votes. Not even one Democrat voted for the President's budget.

The contrast we bring here today is that in 5 years we will have a balanced budget under this amendment that's being brought forward. So we cut spending in areas where we've been needing to finally control spending like families are controlling spending back home.

When families deal with tough economic times, they've already done this. They tighten their belts and they make do with what they've got and they live within their means. And Washington has refused to do it. We finally put those fiscal constraints in Washington. But then we also put caps in place so that until we get to a balanced budget, there's a freeze on discretionary spending so that we're able to finally get to what is ultimately a balanced Federal budget in 5 years.

And we go further. Of course, we repeal ObamaCare, which is something that's been so devastating already to so many families that have lost the health care that they like, and so many other things like the tax increases that go with it--tax increases, by the way, which in many areas hit middle class families real hard. We abolish that.

We even go further. We save Medicare. President Obama's budget actually escalates Medicare's bankruptcy. In 12 years--and this, by the way, is from President Obama's own Medicare actuaries--Medicare goes bankrupt. They're willing to sit by and let that happen. We're not willing to do that. We're going to save Medicare. This budget does that, too. It has those reforms that Chairman Ryan brought forward that actually put Medicare back on a sustainable growth path.

And then we have commonsense tax reform that actually lowers overall rates.

This is a great budget that's been brought forward that's finally responsible to address our problems.


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