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Tax Day

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. YODER. Mr. Speaker, I rise to acknowledge everyone's least favorite day of the year, tax day.

In 1935, the 1040 Form was accompanied by a two-page instruction booklet. Today, taxpayers must wade through over 200 pages of instructions and a code that extends 4 million words in length and grows daily like an ever expanding blob entangling itself and attaching its burdens to the hopes and dreams of every American.

Yet as millions of Americans pay their taxes today, some in this town believe that Washington should actually tax and spend even more of the hard-earned dollars of the American people.

Instead, I believe we should first reform the Tax Code and work to control reckless and wasteful spending in the Federal budget. As it's been said: It's not that Washington taxes too little; it's that Washington spends too much.

Mr. Speaker, we must focus on reducing the tax burden on the American people, cutting spending here in Washington and working towards a bipartisan plan to reform the Tax Code and simplify it for the millions of taxpaying Americans that are counting on us.

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