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GOP Budget and Medicare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Mr. Speaker, today the House will vote on a rule that once again moves forward the misguided Republican budget. The American people cannot afford this misguided budget which devastates seniors and working families. The Republican budget ends Medicare guarantee, shifting health costs to our seniors. That's a no-no. It turns Medicare into a private voucher system. That's a no-no. It increases prescription drugs for America's seniors.

The American people deserve better than to be left out in the cold with cuts to Medicare, SNAP, and our educational programs. After a long life of service to our Nation, our seniors deserve a strong safety net. Let's stop and ask ourselves: Who actually benefits from this misguided budget? Millionaires and billionaires and oil companies who would receive $3 trillion in new tax breaks. That should be a no-no.

Let's stop this shameful budget and work together on a plan that does not favor the rich over seniors and the middle class.

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