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Strengthening the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I have long aspired to a relationship at the U.S.-Mexican border like the one that the United States of America has with Canada. And I know that raises some red flags, but the fact of the matter is three things need to be done: We need to have economies of scale, an end to illegal immigration, and an end to narcotrafficking.

One of the things that is essential is economic growth in Mexico, and many people have constantly talked about the fact that we have nothing but rich and poor. And while that disparity still exists, there's a very important study, and I just got this from Arturo Sarukhan, the great Mexican Ambassador to the United States, entitled, ``Mexico: A Middle Class Society, Poor No More, Developed Not Yet,'' by two academics, Luis de la Calle and Luis Rubio.

Mr. Speaker, in this document--and I commend it to my colleagues; I suspect it's been sent to a number of them--they talk about the fact that we have seen the middle class in Mexico emerge dramatically within the last half century. The study points to the fact that in 1960, a majority of Mexicans lived in one-room homes. Today, a majority of Mexicans lives in homes with three rooms or larger.

If you look at the other tremendous indications, the fact that there is a burgeoning middle class in Mexico is a positive sign towards dealing with the challenges that we have.

Again, Mr. Speaker, I commend this document to my colleagues.

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