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Issue Position: Painless Re-Building of American Greatness!

Issue Position

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Impossible you say? I don't think so! What it will take is a Nation Transforming commitment from Patriots to require all politicians to do what is right for "We the People's" America. There is a limit to the amount of federal government the citizens can
afford to finance--we are well beyond that. The size and scope of the federal government must be limited by our US Constitution as amended through the centuries.

There will be five "Painful" ingredients, but painful only to Politicians and their self-serving cronies, they are:

(A) Eliminate Politicians' power to buy votes to stay in Power through manipulating segments of society by enacting "Permanence of Conditions" in the taxing and business ends of our government.

(B) Require that every bill must be considered on its own merit, and all amendments will have to be specific to the primary subject matter of that bill, thereby ending pork-barrel spending which uses extortion/blackmail style schemes to either buy or sell votes. You see, the real problem is not the hundreds of millions spent on these pork barrel projects, it is the Billions and even Trillions of tax payer dollars that are spent because of the votes that were enticed by these diabolical tactics for legislation we simply cannot afford.

(C) Congress must pass a balanced budget prior to the fiscal year beginning. We must not allow continuing resolutions or operating our federal government without a budget in place. If they do not pass the year's budget prior to the year beginning, Congressional salaries must be the first expenditure that stops until they get their jobs completed--not social security, military pay, or the payment of our national debt requirements.

(D) Social Security is NOT an Entitlement, but rather is a Contract with the American Citizens to provide elderly survival income. Funds in the social security system must not be used for any other government expenditures--it is not their money to spend.

(E) The Federal Government must get out of the business of being in business, stop subsidies and federal loan guarantees, stop being in position to select winners and losers in business. We are a free enterprise Republic. The Federal government can write laws and guidelines for banking, investment capital, and other necessary legal frameworks, but they cannot be allowed to run or control the businesses, or to promote ideology.

The "Painless" parts are well defined in this article. Primarily, these are centered on doing what is necessary to bring investment capital into the United States, build quality businesses, and employ American citizens so the tax base can be expanded and people can receive their income from jobs instead of entitlements. This process will take a total overhaul of federal taxation system combined with the augmentation of a strategic plan to enhance business opportunity in America. What new or expanded businesses do is Employ Citizens and produce more Tax Dollars--a magical Idea first implemented by our founding fathers!

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