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Tax Day Underscores Need to Enact a Pro-Growth System that Promotes Job Creation, Makes America More Competitive


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) today issued the following statement regarding Tax Day, the deadline for individuals to file tax returns with the federal government:

"For many American families, Tax Day is a sobering reminder of how much of their hard-earned income goes to Uncle Sam. Coincidentally, this year Tax Day is also Tax Freedom Day, the day on which the average American has finally met local, state and federal tax obligations for the year and can start working for his or her family. It falls four days later than last year, which means Americans will work 107 days before they've covered their tax burden.

"These statistics illustrate how much harder families have to work to make ends meet and save for college tuition, retirement or other needs. Now more than ever, with gas prices approaching $4 a gallon and nearly 13 million people still out of work, we need a pro-growth tax system that promotes job creation and makes America more competitive.

"Unfortunately, President Obama and Senate Democrats are playing politics with tax policy, rather than providing solutions for the real tax relief and certainty that families and job creators desperately need. Their new tax policy, the Buffet Tax, doesn't help create jobs, get the economy moving, lower gas prices or control Washington's $15 trillion debt.

"The good news is that a bipartisan consensus is beginning to develop on real tax reform that will make it simpler to fill out your taxes and give our economy a needed shot in the arm."

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